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Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper (ONLY SHIP TO USA AND SINGAPORE)

Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper (ONLY SHIP TO USA AND SINGAPORE)

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Wonder Zap Electric Bug ZapperWonder Zap Electric Bug ZapperWonder Zap Electric Bug ZapperWonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper


Product in use video by Customer R. G. Davis who loves her Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper.



Best Mosquito, Bug Bite Fly Swatter Indoor & Outdoor - Portable light durable ABS plastic - Battery operated with LED - Handheld tennis racket shaped for easy swing (Sky Blue)


Annoyed by Insects/bugs bites? Tried Insect Repellent, Citronella Bands and nothing seemed to work? Want to rid of bugs quickly and cleanly and just relax in a bug-free environment without harmful chemicals?

Introducing Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper, an awesome professional bug killer with:

• EXTRA LARGE SWATTER MESH NETTING AND BODY STREAMLINED FOR EASY SWING- enables you to effectively catch the bugs and kill them on contact in a flash by electrocution
• SAFE TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN- 3 layers of nets with built-in safety mechanism prevents accidental contact. Just shake the swatter and the dead bugs will fall off of it leaving no mess
• STURDY, LONG-LASTING AND HIGHLY PORTABLE- Made with premium ABS material (not brittle recycle plastic that breaks easily) molded into a robust piece of racquet making it, this is a must-have outdoor accessory and the only bug zapper you will ever need! Airline friendly (can be packed in checked-in luggage with batteries removed)
• CONVENIENT AND READY TO USE- Unlike rechargeable ones which take time to recharge and totally unusable if batteries fail, just replace batteries and Wonder Zap will be ready to use again with no downtime
• Ideal for Home, Office, Camping, BBQ and any outdoor activities where bugs bother you

Imagine the sense of satisfaction in catching and zapping the bugs! This device is easy and fun to use (Warning: It's NOT a toy but a very powerful bug zapping device). Just wave Wonder Zap in the air and the bugs will be zapped.

For less than $0.02 a day, get this quality bug zapper and enjoy the bug-free environment you deserve for years! Stocks are limited! Grab it while it's there as this offer will not last forever.

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