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WA Web Plus (12 Months Plan) - Automate your WhatsApp tasks

WA Web Plus (12 Months Plan) - Automate your WhatsApp tasks

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WA Web Plus is an all-in-one tool for automating your WhatsApp tasks - free up your time and focus on growing your business. Sending messages through WhatsApp is free and you get the attention of your customer immediately. 


WA Web Plus is an app that enables you to schedule sending of messages to your customers automatically so that you can take care of other things or sit down and relax while it's sending the messages for you. You can also set up smart replies so that your customer will be attended to even if you are busy with something else.


Key Features
Multiple Message Broadcasting
Send multiple customizable messages for all your customers at a time.

Smart Auto Replies
Never let your customers wait! Set up smart automatic replies for the most frequently asked questions.

Contacts Lists & Groups Exporting
Generate new leads and turn them into customers, easily save and export your lists.

Contacts Synchronizing
Directly save your new contacts to your phone from WhatsApp Web.

CRM Integration
Import & Export your WhatsApp customers information to your favorite CRM application.

Bidirectional Webhooks
Power your WhatsApp with custom APIs, automate responses and send custom requests to your endpoints.


🔥 Schedule messages to specific contacts or groups

🔥 Create automatic responses in groups or private messages

🔥 Create your own automatic responses or menu of responses based words.

🔥 Automatically send a welcome message with the person's name when someone joins your group.

🔥 Send a message in the group or privately when someone leaves.

🔥 Clone a group and start another one from scratch, with another name and the same people from the old group

🔥 Join multiple groups at the same time

🔥 Read all messages the sender has deleted

🔥 Ghost read notification: Know that the person has read your message but they do not know that you have read theirs.

🔥 Listen to audio without the sender knowing you heard it

🔥 Password protect your web Whatsapp

🔥 Phone numbers verification

🔥 Export Whatsapp group contact information to an excel table

🔥 Export conversations from all contacts

🔥 Export contact list

🔥 Unlimited chat pins (WhatsApp limits it up to 3)


So what are you waiting for? Join the many other happy users and subscribe now to save more time for more important things than sending messages one by one (which is very manual and boring to say the least) 🥱

Only very limited licenses are available so SUBSCRIBE NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST!

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