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Neck Kool Memory Foam U Pillow + Bamboo Charocal Eye Mask Combo Set

Neck Kool Memory Foam U Pillow + Bamboo Charocal Eye Mask Combo Set

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The premium quality ergonomic memory foam travel U neck pillow that is both comfortable and soothing for your neck while providing firm support!

Do you suffer from the strained and stiff neck after long hours of travel/ work? Do you wish that you can get support to your neck so that you can work or sleep in comfort?

Introducing Golden Value SG Neck Kool Gel Memory Foam U Pillow made with premium quality memory foam topped with a cooling gel layer made with natural plant extracts. The patterned cool gel provides a soft and cool hug to your neck. Just rest your head on the pillow and it will mold to the natural curves of your neck and shoulders to provide excellent support for your neck. The breathable mesh fabric cover lets your skin in direct contact with the cooling gel so your neck is cooled down instantly and stays cool.

The pillow was made with premium quality memory foam which is very springy and soft yet with the right amount of firmness to provide support to your neck. Unlike inflatable or bead travel pillows which do not provide much support, the memory foam's viscoelastic material naturally fits and helps to relax your neck and relieves pressure and pain. It is also featured as one of the BEST Singapore Pillows in Best In Singapore.

  • THE ONLY TRAVEL PILLOW YOU WILL EVER NEED: The Premium quality springy memory foam neck pillow with top cooling gel which allows you to stay cool with mesh cover. Great for sleeping in car and airplanes, working, watching TV or reading for a long stretch of time. This improved version comes with FREE plush baby blue velvet cover which is very comfortable to touch and makes this pillow great for all seasons and more value!
  • CARE FOR YOUR NECK WITH ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The pressure reducing memory foam naturally contours to neck curves and helps relieve neck pain and relaxes your neck. Provides better supports than Inflatable and Bead Travel Pillows. With medium softness and the right amount of firmness to provide good cervical support and optimal comfort.
  • GREAT VALUE WITH FREE BAMBOO CHARCOAL EYE MASK AND AN EXTRA PLUSH VELVET COVER TO CHANGE: Bamboo charcoal is known for releasing far infrared therefore relieves eye pressure, eliminates eye fatigue and further enhances a quality rest. Therefore, use the eye mask with cooling gel memory foam pillow you can get a restful sleep leaving your eyes feeling refreshed after rest.
  • COMFORTABLE COOLING GEL: Mesh fabric cover provides the skin direct contact with patterned cool gel from natural plant extracts and gives a gentle massage. It cools the skin temperature by 1-2 degrees giving a cooling sensation. The cooling gel was made with natural plant extracts hence soft and skin-like feel.
  • EASY CARE AND LONG-LASTING: Cooling Pillow cover made of breathable mesh fabric with removable zip while velvet cover is of the best quality. Both are MACHINE WASHABLE. DO NOT wash the pillow or place under the sun, just air it with good ventilation and it will last for up to 3 years.
  • ESSENTIAL WORK AND TRAVEL COMPANION: Used with bamboo charcoal eye mask which helps to relieve fatigue with its far infrared effect, you can get restful sleep when traveling and wake up refreshed.

For just $0.035 a day, enjoy the cool comfort and the health benefits it brings for you for three years!
Stocks are limited! So grab it while it's there as this offer will not last forever.

Please note that due to hygiene reasons, the 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE does not apply to this product. However, we are sure that you will love it as this is indeed a quality product currently on offer at a special price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

The neck pillow is made of a type of compressed foam with a type of blue cooling gel on the top of it. This has a white cloth zippered inner cover that has holes in the material which if you use alone gives a greater cooling effect. There is also a slightly thicker blue zippered outer cover on this as well, making the covers easy to keep clean and wash. This includes an eye mask and a velvet cover as a bonus.

I have used different styles of these neck pillows including foam and the micro bead types but this is the first I have used that includes a cooling gel on the top. In comparison to those, this pillow is very soft, comfortable, supportive and cooler to wear than the micro-beaded one or my older foam one.

I like the comfort level and the cooling effect.

Maggie Horn

What a nice pillow! I'm always looking for a pillow that won't heat up with my hot head, and now I think I've found it. The memory foam inside the pillow also makes it nice and firm and giving at the same time. I recommend it highly.

Valerie Evans

This pillow is very comfortable and stays cool even with prolonged use. It had a removable washable mesh and velvet cover.

Paul C Luke

Me and my daughter are going on a 30 hour plane trip to South America and she wanted a neck pillow. I looked around and most complaints I saw with neck pillows was it would get too warm after a period of time. Then I found this and decided to give it a try..

Over the weekend I tried it on while watching television at home and I love it. It's so comfortable and cool at the same time. The strain and stiffness of my neck disappeared. I liked it so much I decided to buy another one for myself for the long trip. I travel a lot.. I wish I found this sooner.. It's worth the purchase.


This Neck Kool Cooling Gel Memory Foam U Pillow by Great Value SG has been a wonderful traveling pillow for me. Not only has it made riding in the car more comfortable for my neck, shoulders and back, but cooler as well. We have had a brutal summer where I live this year, and every little bit helps. This pillow is so soft and comfortable, and I like how I can zip off the cover and wash it should the need arise. The free bamboo charcoal sleeping mask that was included with the pillow is comfortable and useful as well when I want to catch a nap during the day. The free velvet cover will be useful when the temperature turns cold. As with any product or experience, your results may vary, this is simply my opinion.