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[SG Ready Stock] Da Brim Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor Brim (Only Ship In Singapore)

[SG Ready Stock] Da Brim Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor Brim (Only Ship In Singapore)

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Do you want a helmet visor that offers better wind performance AND protection from the sun? The Da Brim Sporty cycling helmet visor will help you stay cooler, clearer-headed, and more comfortable when the sun comes out.


The Da Brim Sporty Cycling helmet visor is a smaller version of our Cycling Classic model, but it's still big enough to provide good coverage for your head. It offers good 360° UPF50+ sun protection. At only 1.9cm smaller all the way around the brim compared to the Classic, the Sporty is an excellent compromise between wind performance and sun protection.


The Sporty is suggested for use by faster riders who spend more time in direct sunlight and those who live in windy areas. Use it with virtually any bicycle helmet to increase your enjoyment of a ride in the cool comfort of shade. It comes with adjustable straps, which allows you to quickly and easily customize it for a best fit.

1. Protects Your Eyes From The Sun

Protecting your eyes is as important as protecting your skin. People who spend a lot of time outdoors cycling risk sun damage to their eyes, which can lead to vision damage such as cataracts later in life.

The large brim of Da Brim helmet visor can protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun by blocking glare and shielding your eyes from the harsh rays of sunlight.


2. Help You Ride Safer and Be Seen Better

You can ride safer on the road as the bright visible brim is spotted easily by drivers and especially heavy truck drivers seated higher in their truck cabin.

3. Stop The Sunburn Madness!

Enjoying a fun day out cycling during a sunny afternoon? Be sure to grab your Da Brim helmet visor before you head out. Simply wearing it while being exposed to the sun can help prevent you from getting a sunburn as its brim provides 360° UPF50+ sun protection which effectively prevents sunburns.

This is even more important for young children and seniors. The face and neck are areas that are exposed to the sun the most and are therefore much more susceptible to sunburn than other areas. Get Da Brim helmet visors to help protect you and your loved ones.

Though some people really enjoy a tan, nobody likes a sunburn. Wearing sunglasses can help keep the sun out of your eyes, but then you'll get that crazy-looking raccoon tan on your face. By wearing Da Brim large helmet visor, you can evenly protect your entire face and ears from the sun. You also do not need to apply as much of a suntan lotion.


4. Help Prevent Skin Cancer Due to Prolonged Exposure to The Sun

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a class one carcinogen and causes skin cancer. Your face and ears are very susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays especially if you have sensitive skin in your neck and face or diagnosed with melanoma. This will increase your risk of developing skin burns, skin damage and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.

Da Brim’s 360° UPF50+ brim helps to ward off UV rays and prevent your skin from discoloration, spots and premature wrinkles.


5. Provides Body Temperature Regulation

Since Da Brim helmet visors block the sun’s rays and improve air flow through helmet vents, they help keep your body temperature low and regulated. Your head is the most important part of the body when it comes to regulating your body’s temperature.

Some people wear a cap or hat underneath the bicycle helmet hoping to provide some shade. However, that is not the solution as it will accumulate sweat and trap the oils from your hair which can be harmful to your hair and smelly. In addition, the heat trapped inside the cap can make your head feel very warm and uncomfortable. You want cool breeze to blow in hot weather and thus you need to remove the hat and use a Da Brim helmet visor.


6. Protects From Swooping Birds And Rain

You do not want a fun cycling trip to be terrified by swooping birds such as Magpie and Crow. Many users shared that Da Brim helmet visor can prevent such an attack. Moreover, it can also help to keep off light rain since it is water resistant.


This helmet visor makes it easy to enjoy your rides in the shade without sacrificing either safety or performance. The Da Brim Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor is designed to be comfortable and stylish. Your bike rides aren't complete without a cool helmet visor like this one. You'll be ready to brave the sun all day long, even when you're on the road or trail riding. Buy Now before they sell out as only limited stock available!


If you prefer a bigger shade, please check out the Da Brim Cycling Classic Brim model.


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Installation Tips


Installation on an Elongated Bicycle Helmet


Installation on a Rounded Bicycle Helmet


Da Brim Sporty Cycling Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Good deal!

I visited the Shimano Cycling World and they were having a roadshow. I found the Da Brim to be of good quality and very useful, plus it was on promotion so I bought it. Can't wait to test it out!

Yang Xin
My Da Brim is back.

I previously owned a Da Brim but sadly I misplaced it. I saw that it was on sale during the NTU Bike Rally Race Pack Collection, so I decided to buy another one to replace it. I really miss the shade it provides.

It works well.

I rode this morning and it works well.

Love the brim!

Love the brim and can’t wait to use it tomorrow.


I am pleased with it. It appears to be resistant to the wind, which I initially believed might be an issue.