Peggy Chen wore Da Brim Cycling Classic Helmet Visor Brim

Best Cycling Sun Protection For Neck: Da Brim Cycling Classic Helmet Visor Brim

Like all ladies I am scared getting dark from all the sun tan. So naturally I was delighted when my husband bought me a Da Brim Cycling Classic Helmet Visor Brim to add on to my cycling helmet and provide best cycling sun protection for my face and neck. This is a Godsend in sunny weather Singapore where we have Summer all year round.

When I first tried it on, it felt natural and light, just like a hat. However, it is made of quality material (hence very sturdy) and integrated well with my cycling helmet so it was very stable even when I was riding fast. It provided a lot of shade which covered my face and neck and I could feel the cool wind rushing past me.

I remember passing by so many people along East Coast trying various ways of getting sunshade. They would either wear a jockey cap underneath their cycling helmet or for ladies, just a traditional straw cap. However, I think the best way is still through having a Da Brim to go with your cycling helmet. It is designed in such a way that it provides excellent cover to the back of your neck but you still have great visibility of the front.

Particularly during this Covid period, I love going for cycling to be closer to nature and appreciate the scenery along the way and away from the crowds. Now I can go for regular cycling during the day not having to worry about getting dark or getting sunburn!

So after falling in love with it ourselves, we brought it to Singapore so that you can get it locally with fast shipping in 3 to 4 days. It is available in 2 models: Classic with bigger brim in 2 colors: Grey and Yellow and a sporty model for regular cyclists with smaller brim in fluorescent yellow. 

So if you are like me who loves to enjoy cycling without the Sun, check out the following link to get yours today as only limited stock available:

Classic Model:

Sporty Model:

If you have any question about this product, please contact us here: or comment below and I will be happy to share more on my experience with you. :)

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