Lavender Purple Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper is Number 1 New Release on Amazon at Golden Value SG

Lavender Purple Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper is Number 1 New Release on Amazon

First time since its debut in Aug


NEW YORK – Riding on the success of its Sky Blue Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper, Great Value SG today announced that their special limited edition Lavender Purple Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper had clinched the Number 1 Hot New Release title for Fly Swatters category on today. Lavender Purple Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper made its debut on in Aug and had seen its sales steadily increased since then. In fact, its Sky Blue sibling was so hot that it’s been out of stock for a second time since its introduction in July.

Wonder Zap has continued to win accolades from enthusiastic fans. One of them is customer Julia Parker who in a recent review dated 11 September which she entitled, “Wonder Zapper should be called WONDERFUL!” said “BEST zapper ever! I have tried many others, and this one is truly the ONLY one to own! It get flys fast and accurately! And when you hear that snap–you know you got ‘um! The name lives up to it–WONDER-ful!!” Another customer Ellie Moffitt also exclaimed in her review titled “Finally! Quality product you can afford!” that “This is a first rate quality product. I’ve had zappers in the past, this one will last much longer than one season. I could not be happier with the product.”

“We are greatly encouraged by the warm reception given to Wonder Zap. This is the first time we made our foray into the Patio, Lawn and Garden niche. As always at Great Value SG, we deeply care about customers’ satisfaction and we are 100% dedicated to bringing quality products to them so as to enhance their quality of lives.” said Great Value SG’s Co-Founder, Nelson Soh.

For more information about the Purple Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper, including pricing and specifications, is available at and on its product page.

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