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Celebrating Motherhood: Mother's Day Traditions Worldwide

Mother's Day is coming soon on the 14th of May. It is a special occasion to celebrate the most important women in our lives. It is a day dedicated to honoring the love, care, and sacrifices of mothers who have nurtured us since birth.


While most of us celebrate Mother's Day on the 14th of May, do you know that Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates in various countries around the world? Furthermore, different countries have their unique ways of honoring motherhood


In this blog post, we highlight the Mother's Day traditions from around the world, providing inspiration and creative ways of showing appreciation to our mothers.


Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday in May in Australia. It is one of the most significant days in Australia as it brings families together to appreciate the worth of a mother.


Australians typically present their moms with gifts like flowers, chocolates, and handmade cards. Breakfast in bed is also a popular tradition followed by cooking for the entire family or taking an outing in the park.

 Celebrating Motherhood - Two young girils presenting their mom a card and a bouquet of flowers

Latin America

In Latin America, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 10th every year. The day is dedicated to honoring the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The celebration is marked with parades, special masses, and gift-giving.


In countries like Mexico and Brazil, it's a common practice to serenade mothers with songs and poetry. Children present their mothers with bouquets of flowers, specifically carnations, which are considered the symbol of motherhood.

 Celebrating Motherhood - Giving Mother a bouquet of Carnation


Mother's Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12th every year, which is the birthday of Queen Sirikit. In honor of the Queen's birthday, the Thai people also celebrate the role of mothers.


Children gift their mothers with jasmine, which is considered a sacred flower in Thai culture. The day is also marked by cultural performances and religious offerings at temples.



In Ethiopia, the Antrosht Festival is a three-day celebration that honors motherhood. The festival takes place in the fall when the rainy season is over, and families come together to share a traditional meal.


Daughters dress up in colorful traditional garments called habesha kemis, and sons present their mothers with fragrant flowers. The Antrosht Festival is an opportunity for families to celebrate not only motherhood but also the importance of family.



Mother's Day in France is celebrated on the last Sunday in May or the first Sunday in June. French mothers are honored with gifts, flowers, and cards.


The traditional flower of Mother's Day in France is the orchid. The day is also marked with large family gatherings where mothers are treated to a special meal.



In Italy, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and it's called Festa della Mamma. Italians have a strong family bond, and this celebration reflects that bond in the way that families come together to celebrate mothers. A traditional gift is a simple cake, and the children will make handmade cards and drawings to show their appreciation.


Mother's Day in Japan is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The day is marked with gift-giving, particularly carnations, which are considered the symbol of modern motherhood in Japan.


Children also prepare special meals and desserts for their mothers. In Japan, Mother's Day is an occasion to honor both mothers and grandmothers.


Korea's Parent's Day (South Korea)


South Korea's Parent's Day is celebrated on May 8 and is a day to celebrate parents, both mothers and fathers alike. Children will cook their parent's favorite dishes and give gifts to show their love and appreciation.


In addition, a popular Korean gift for this day is an orchid, which symbolizes love, respect, and a long-lasting relationship.

UK, Ireland


Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK and Ireland, and it is a day when children would visit their mothers and bring small gifts.

Nowadays, children still visit their mothers, but the focus is more on pampering the mothers and showing appreciation. In addition, Simnel Cake, a traditional fruitcake, is also a Mothering Sunday tradition.



No matter the culture, Mother's Day is a special day celebrated around the world. Whether it is gift-giving, dressing up in traditional clothes, or hosting a family gathering, each society has its unique way of celebrating this important occasion.


With the spread of global traditions, Mother's Day has become an important celebration that brings families together to show their gratitude and respect for the most important women in their lives. So, this Mother's Day, take some inspiration from these traditions and show your mother how much you care! 

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