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Motion Sensor Detector

If you want to prevent people from forgetting to switch off lights but can't find a solution, then this is the most important Motion Sensor you'll ever purchase!

Motion Sensor Detector is an amazing new Motion Sensor that helps every user to prevent unnecessary usage of your electrical device and brings more convenience for your users and you in daily life. It also help to save on the electricity bill for your home or company.


DEPENDABLE! Adjustable Detection Distance with high sensitivity and stable performance permits you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor so that there is no false turn on. ... faster and easier than ever before

TRUSTED! Adjustable Time Delay ensures you can delay the timing of the sensor from 5 secs to 7 mins before it senses again - Fast

EFFECTIVE! Adjustable Ambient Light gives you the power to use it at Day or Night condition just like the best do

REMARKABLE RESULTS! Infrared body sensing technology: intelligent control and energy saving permit you to bring more convenience for your users and you in daily life, also save energy for your home or company. - Quickly

STRONG! Made of premium plastic material lets you use it for a long time as it is not easy to age, robust and durable. like the best


Widely used to control LED light, compact fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, alarm, exhaust fan etc. garage, basement, stairs, corridor, hallway, patio, kitchen, toilet, balcony, cupboard door, store room and anywhere needed.

Grab yours today and start to brings more convenience for your users and you in daily life, also save energy for your home or company.! - Order Now!

Note: This is NOT A LIGHT.   

Material: Plastic & Electronic Component
Colour: White
Operating voltage: AC 110-240V/50-60Hz
Detection range: 120 degrees (side view) / 360 degrees (top view)
Detection distance: Within 6 meters in diameter (adjustable)
Detection Speed: 0.6 ~ 1.5m / s
Average Load: Max. 800W (~110V AC) / Max. 1200W (~220V AC)
Environment temperature: -20°C ~ + 40°C
Environment Humidity: Max. 93%
Ambient Light: <10 LUX (adjustable 5-1000 LUX)
Time Delay: Min. 5 seconds ~ Max. 7 minutes (+/-10%)
Installation Height: 2m ~ 4.5m
Protection level: IP20
Diameter: 11.5cm / 4.53inch
Thickness: 5.7cm / 2.25inch
Package Weight: 180g

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