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Handlebar Anti-glare Wide-angle Bike Mirror

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This deluxe bike mirror incorporates an automobile-grade shatterproof glass lens with a fine anti-glare coating, providing the rider with a high-res clear and crisp wide-angle rear view as well as protecting him/her from shard-free breaking of the lens from an accident.

Made of hard glass that measures 6 on Mohs scale, the mirror lens is also scratch proof against frequent abrasions from daily use, making the rear view always clear and crisp over time. Highly versatile with an arm that is 360-degree adjustable and length-adjustable, the mirror easily copes with most installation constraints.

In addition, the mirror housing can be rotated 180 degree inward to be stowed away after you park your bike. Nylon-structured, the deluxe bike mirror is stylish, tough, and lightweight.


  • CLEAR HIGH-RES WIDE-ANGLE REAR VIEW - Well-defined glass surface with a fine anti-glare coating coupled with its sizable width, 4/6” or 117 mm, gives an excellent wide-angle rear view that covers all traffic from behind. The blue coating minimizes glare and the chrome one reduces significant glare.
  • SHATTERPROOF & SCRATCH PROOF HARD GLASS - Shard-free breaking of the mirror glass prevents the rider from hurt by the broken glass from an accident. In addition, the hard glass measures 6 on Mohs scale, making it much more scratch-resistant than other lens materials for bike mirrors.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE - The mirror arm is 360-degree adjustable as well as arm-length adjustable, creating a max installation flexibility and making it possible to give an optimal glass orientation/rear view for any riding positions.
  • FOLDABLE - The deluxe mirror can be rotated 180 degree inward around the joint to be stowed away when not riding, protecting itself from unexpected impact and making it easier to pack the bike and put it in or on a vehicle.
  • TOUGH STRUCTURE & CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - The mirror arm and housing are made from an eco-friendly Nylon and carbon fiber mixture and the clamp strong aluminum alloy. The accompanying 5/32” (4 mm) Allen wrench is a handy tool designed to make installation and adjustment of the mirror on a dia. 7/8” (22.2 mm) handlebar a cinch.

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches

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